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The Mystic Moon
Magical supplies- herbs, candles ect...

Herbs From Stephen Benbridge
Stephen has been a practicing pagan for many years and has given incense making workshops and demonstrations in Chesterfield, Mansfield and Newark. He grows herbs on his allotment which he has availabke for sale. Email for details:

Apra Books  
A site specialising in second hand books relating to witchcraft, paganism, occult, folklore, divination and associated subjects.

The Henna Fairy
Cara Amirah
Natural Henna Artist and Tattoo Artist at Bleed Black (Clipstone Mansfield)
Yoga and Arabic Dance classes in Mansfield area
Travelling Souk and Henna Artist for festivals and events

Centre for Pagan Studies
Doreen Valiente T-shirts, books and posters

Northstar crystals
Specialises in Crystals for healing, meditation and development.

The Magick Shop

Nottingham Pagan Network